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Care Homes

Since October 2009, The Care Quality Commision (CQC) has become the single, independent inspectorate for all social care services in England. National minimum standards have now been set for health and social care services in England.

At CPSM we are experts in implementing cost effective procedures to meet health, safety and hygiene standards expected of the CQC.

We implement a healthcare safety management audit which helps you identify if and where there are any significant gaps relating to health and safety requirements and the CQC.

What is in the audit?

A typical audit will cover approximately 28 different subjects, and include the following:

care home safety

How We Will Help

  • Fire Risk Assessment

  • Asbestos management

  • Electrical safety

  • Residential Care Homes Regulations

  • Legionella management

  • Food Safety

  • Health and Safety Management

  • Premises Management & CQC Domains

  • Asbestos Management

  • Electrical Safety

  • Fire Safety and Management

  • Legionella Management

  • Training of staff

  • Lifts and Lifting Equipment

  • Staff and Resident safety

  • Welfare Arrangements & Occupational Health

  • Infection Control

  • Violence and Aggression

  • Moving and handling

  • Food safety

Our care home is already good / outstanding in the area of safety

We hear this a lot from managers of care homes but it's a common misconception that a good / outstanding rating can be maintained without regular inspection.  This is why the CQC conduct inspections, because they want to check that you maintain those good and outstanding ratings.  In the 5 years since your last inspection the CQC may have changed their approach to safety in care homes meaning you will have had to change yours too.  If you haven't then the next time the CQC inspect you could go to a "requires improvement" rating.

What we know

Most managers in healthcare are already very familiar with the CQC, but did you know that the HSE also has significant authority and the power to close part of a premises or process if they feel there is serious risk of personal injury to someone.

The CQC will ask questions and want responses with evidence to demonstrate this.  The core questions will be:

Is your care home safe?

Is you care home effective?

Is your service caring?

Is the service you provide responsive to resident needs?

Is the care home well-led?

Our aim

Our aim is simple. We want to get your care home to achieve a higher and / or maintain your grade in the "Safe" section of the CQC inspection report.


As the CQC complete their inspection they will give you a rating that you will have to display in your care home and our job will be to help you improve or maintain that rating using simple solutions and reducing workload.

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