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About Us

At Crown Professional Safety Management (Crown PSM) we are health and safety consultants that focus on businesses of all sizes who cannot dedicate their full attention to health and safety or can't dedicate vital resources into a full time health and safety professional.​

From our experience, businesses do not comply with every aspect of the abundant health and safety legislative responsibilities placed on them.

Do not for one moment believe you are alone in this situation; we come across this all the time throughout the UK. 

Generally, businesses know they are not compliant, but are afraid to tackle the issue fearing it is a Pandora's box and they do not really know where to start or how much work is required.

We also know from experience that businesses tend to be wary of outside assistance.

At Crown PSM we are different from most other health and safety consultancies as we take time to get to know you, your business and your staff and to listen to what you want.  We want to become an integral part of your team, not just a consultant that appears from time to time, but a real individual to whom you and your staff can turn to with any health and safety related problems or concerns, as they would if you employed a full time Health and Safety Manager.

We endeavour to allocate one dedicated consultant to your business so that personal relationships can be formed, built on trust and respect, rather than different consultants turning up and endeavouring to understand your needs and your business.

We want to support you in managing health and safety in your company by giving clear, unambiguous guidance, advice, and assistance to ensure that your employees and anyone else that may be affected by your activities remain safe and well.

The timeframe to achieve this goal will vary from company to company and invariably will not be a quick fix, and as such, we will, with your input produce an action plan based on our initial findings detailing what needs to be addressed along with a suggested timeframe to ensure the business meets minimum legal requirements.

We are always mindful of any financial implications our advice and guidance may have on your business and you can rest assured that we make every effort to keep costs to the absolute minimum whilst at the same time achieving legislative compliance.  We can do this as we have over 35 years’ experience and knowledge implementing safe systems of work based on best practice or industry standards.

That being said best practice may not be applicable or is inappropriate for your needs.  We are aware of the need to balance the unique qualities of your business with the practices that it has in common with others, and we are not afraid to think outside the box to come up with innovative cost effective solutions to tackle individual problems.

We aim for a long term relationship with you and your company, but the contact we have with you will reduce over time (as would our already reasonable fees) as you and your staff become more experienced, knowledgeable and confident dealing with health and safety matters.

So if you are looking for a health and safety company that works with you then we are here to help.


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